We enjoyed gorgeous weather here in Northern California over the weekend.  My roses and Japanese maple are waking up and my hyacinths are in full bloom. 

Roses awakening
Japanese Maple Tree in my front garden
Hyacinths in front garden

The old reliable geraniums are getting all pink and showy:

 I made it to the fabric store yesterday to find a pattern and fabric for Lydia’s Easter outfit.  I chose this darling little layered outfit:

Simplicity Pattern 2171

Here’s the fabric I chose:

I’m only at the cutting stage, but I plan to start putting it together during breaks from writing this week.  Lydia was very excited about the fabric and wrapped it around herself like a toga.

We seem to be starting a new weekend routine:  family house cleaning followed by “Saturday Sundaes” and a movie in the evening.  Our Saturday Sundaes gathering turned into a newsworthy event this week.  Sources are leaking reports of a whipped cream fight, but we will neither confirm nor deny these rumors.:)

Today it was so balmy that the littlies turned on the sprinklers for some water fun.  Problem is, we still have no grass in the backyard – it’s just dirt.  So it turned into a mud bath:

It’s Sunday evening now, the weekend winding down.  The mud is washed away; the kids are clean and snug in jammies.  I hope you had a restful weekend, too, even if it didn’t include mud (and whipped cream)!

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