Happy Birthday, Lydia!

I’ve neglected this website for a few months, but I couldn’t let Lydia’s big day pass without a mention on our little family blog.  That’s right, our little one is FOUR!  She’ll always be our baby, but she’s becoming a big girl with opinions and ideas of her own.  We’re enjoying witnessing her blossoming imagination and her eagerness to try new things.

The birthday crown:


Our birthday girl:


In other giant news in the Cameron-Smith home, I’m now under contract with Pauline Books for a book on “intentional Catholic parenting”.  I’ve been busy with my writing, homeschooling, and mothering, but I’m loving it!  I’ve started a new website for the book.  I still have my other parenting website,  Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner.  The winter issue of our magazine is out:  Tender Tidings Winter.  The issue is devoted to “raising creative children.”

Claire and I are starting a sewing club for girls:  The Saint Anne’s Sewing Club.  Having a blast planning the syllabus!  We’ll have three other girls in our home every two weeks for machine sewing projects.  I am so hoping to keep track of this club on this website, because it’s sure to be fun and inspiring!

Happy New Year!



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