Rosary Gathering (including GIANT CUPCAKE ROSARY!)

October was the Month of the Most Holy Rosary. How fortunate we were to gather a few weeks ago with several families to pray the Rosary (only one decade as the jumping beans couldn’t hold still) and enjoy the fellowship of friends.  Claire, that creative girl, led the kids in making homemade Rosaries.



The highlight was definitely my giant cupcake Rosary!  The kids were eyeing it all night with that “can we really eat it?” look.



I used blue frosted mini-cupcakes for the Hail Marys and white frosted full size cupcakes for the Our Fathers.

I’ve had an antique round light for many years that I purchased for a song because it was broken.  That light was actually sitting for years unused on the vanity in our bathroom, but Philip recently fixed it for me (as much as it could hope to be fixed) and hung it in our dining room. I have to say it made the room dreamy and prayerful at the same time:


We enjoyed this gathering and celebration so much I think it might become a new October tradition!

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