In the Night Sky

I’ve been putting together some moon and star gazing resources for the kids, gathered into one spot.  Most of the books I’ve had around for years gathering dust on the bookshelf, but now that I’ve brought them out and arranged them in a basket, the kids are spending more time with them.  Some of my favorites:

Glow-in-the-Dark Constellations by C.E. Thompson

The Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space

365 Starry Nights by Chet Raymo (suitable for older kids and teens)

I never knew much about the night sky when I was a kid, so I’ve been grateful that my husband has always shared his passion for astronomy with our children.  The stars become like old friends to children when they visit them often.

All the kids now have their own binoculars for their field bags so they are ready to go. (I’m also making them all new field bags for our nature hikes.  I’ve finished two.  Can’t wait to share them!)  For small kids, little is more frustrating than standing around while your sibling hyper-ventilates over something cool they see through the only pair of binoculars on an outing.  Now they all have their own and the younger kid are learning to take care of them.  (I hope.)

We had a great view of Venus right from our own street recently so we were out the door lickety split with our binoculars, some of us without shoes!

Claire and Dominic
Claire and Dominic
Lydia and Daddy


Then, a few days later, a friend of ours asked if we wanted his telescope as he never used it.  Um, YES!  It’s a very nice one, with a Newtonian reflector and handheld control.  We drove out into the hills to give our new telescope a spin — we thought we would view the moon and perhaps catch some of the Perseids.  Didn’t see many meteors but the view of the moon was incredible — very crisp.  It left an impression on all of us.






But, darn it, it’s very difficult to stand by while your sibling hyper-ventilates over the view through the only telescope on an outing!

Dominic just can’t take another moment of this!


He got his chance, then enjoyed some hot cocoa when we got home. 🙂


2 thoughts on “In the Night Sky

  1. Have you seen the H. A. Rey books on the Constellations? They are incredible. One is for younger children and the other is for somewhat older children. H. A. Rey is the author of the Curious George books.

  2. I think I know the books you’re talking about. I love the one for younger children – the illustrations are wonderful — but I don’t own it yet! Maybe it deserves a place in our stargazing basket. 🙂

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