Living Lent with Children

Family life is by nature chaotic.  Kids are messy, poopy, boogery, and sometimes moody.  We love ‘em, but they don’t make life neat and orderly.  In contrast, for some us, our perfect vision of Lent is very quiet, serene, contemplative, even monastic.   Are we parents left outside the gates during Lent, merely admiring the transformation going on inside where the “real” spiritual people are?  Of course not.  Even amidst the chaos of parenting, not only can we fall more in love with Christ during Lent, but so can our children.  I explored this topic today with Greg & Lisa Popcak on their wonderful radio show More2Life on Ave Maria Radio.

I so appreciated the Popcaks’ immediate focus on the primary purpose of Lent.  They have a way of cutting to the chase, don’t they?  They stated that the primary purpose of Lent for us isn’t suffering and sacrifice; it’s growing in our love for God.  This issue has really bothered me lately . . . read the rest here . . .

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