Daisy’s Babies

Daisy had her puppies 2 weeks ago today and we’re enjoying watching the puppies and witnessing Daisy being such a wonderful mommy to them!  Daisy went into labor during the night and Claire woke up, hearing me fussing around in the master bedroom getting things set up for Daisy.

Claire ended up staying up with me all night and witnessed the births of all four puppies. Claire kept a journal, documenting all the changes she was noticing in Daisy during labor and during the delivery of the puppies.

It was difficult to see Daisy uncomfortable and confused for many, many hours.

Daisy in labor

But the watching and waiting was worth it.  Witnessing the first puppy being born is something Claire and I will never forget, especially given we had been waiting for hours!  Claire and I first saw a little paw presenting and we hugged each other, we were so happy!  The puppy was born about 45 minutes later.

Daisy’s first puppy, a boy, minutes after his birth

The puppies are born still in the placental sac, and the mother chews it off the pup and cleans them up.  It’s extraordinary.  We had to do very little, other than helping one puppy who was having a hard time breathing at first.

Daisy delivered 2 boys and 2 girls, all very healthy and growing by leaps and bounds!

Claire has been keeping a log of their growth and developmental changes.  Caring for animals is something that comes to her naturally and we can see that the experience with Daisy and her puppies has changed her.  Lucky for us we get to do it a few more times!

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5 thoughts on “Daisy’s Babies

  1. Hi, I have never commented on a blog, but I just had to try. We are the family of one of Daisy’s daughters! Her birth name is Bohemia (not sure if you gave that name or Kiley did). I love that name so we kept it but we call her Mia. I clicked on this link that is on the Harmony Labradoodle website. We enjoy reading about Mia’s family history so I was extremely excited when I came across this entry of Mia’s birth…brought tears to my eyes! If you would like a picture of Mia, let me know and I can try to figure out how to send it 🙂

  2. Hi Stephanie! Which girl do you have? I think you have the big girl who was meant for another breeder who couldn’t take her. She is so gorgeous! We’d love to see a photo of her and we’d love to have a playdate with Mia and Daisy! Kiley named all the pups, though she kept the name my daughter Claire was calling the small female: Pocket. 🙂

    1. Based on what you are saying, I think we have the big girl! And she is definitely gorgeous! She was placed with another family but it didn’t work out so she was available, ready to go and a good match for our family when I contacted Kiley 2 weeks ago. And we rememeber Kiley mentioning Mia had a sister named Pocket. We live in Sunnyvale and Kiley said that all her siblings are close by so we are currently trying to arrange a sibling playdate 🙂 I’m sure Mia would love a playdate with her mom sometime! Tonight I will have my husband help me figure out how to send you a picture.

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