Happy Birthday to Claire!

Happy 9th Birthday to our Claire!

Where did the years go?! 

It seems just yesterday she was a little thing, round faced and chubby rocking her big brother Aidan in the car seat!

Baby Claire with Aidan in infant seat!
Claire as a toddler

Since she was a wee girl, Claire has loved animals and insects.  And they find her  irresistible.

Creative, imaginative, and dramatic, I often find Claire deeply involved in a craft project or planning something BIG.  She has created “Claire t.v.”, “Claire computer” (complete with screen prompts), several “Claire stores”, and keeps us out of paper, glue, and paint with her wonderful drawings and special creations.

She can light up a room with her beautiful smile and boundless joy.

And I think she makes everyone she meets feel a little happier because she crossed their path.


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