Announcing Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner

I’ve been writing increasingly about attachment parenting, which makes sense on a family blog about homeschooling.  However, I’ve decided to create a forum that focuses exclusively on Catholic attachment parenting.  I’m thrilled to announce my new website:  Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner

CAPC will provide articles and resources for Catholic attachment parents.  We’ll eventually have a reader forum that will permit parents to ask questions and to support one another outside the blog comment boxes.  We’ll have monthly focused “Table Topics” (for example, toddler discipline or maintaining family balance through the holidays).  I’ll have guest writers for these many of the Table Topics. 

I’m absolutely ecstatic that Dr. Gregory Popcak, author of Parenting With Grace, has agreed to contribute articles and insights to CAPC!  Yahoo!

So I’ll be moving my 4-part article series on toddlers over to CAPC and future attachment parenting topics will mostly happen over there.  First Heralds will continue to focus on homeschooling and faith formation.  I hope you’ll visit both sites!


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