Smelly News

A few hours after I wrote my last post about my lengthy to-do list, and how I’m trying to keep my attitude in check as we head into the busy time of the Season, I headed off to bed.

As I snuggled down I noticed an odd smell.  I tried to ignore it, but it was really buggin’ me.  I thought it was a wayward diaper, so I got up to hunt for it.  I couldn’t find it, so back to bed.  I listened to the wind blowing the wind chimes on the porch off our bedroom. Tink-tink-tink.  I thought about the new bread recipe I’m looking forward to trying.  I thought about the gauzy ribbon I bought at the craft shop for the Christmas tree.

But that stink was too much.  Up again.

I searched like a maniac for the source of the odor. I thought it must be under the bed. After unearthing lots of dust bunnies, dirty (but unstinky) socks, and hair bands under the bed, I found the stink.  But not under the bed.

On my nightstand: a very ripe half-eaten banana stuck in a tissue box.  I have my suspicions who might have mailed it through the slot.

I know.  She looks so cute and innocent.  But she loves bananas . . and tissue boxes . . .

I will add to my to-do list: check tissue boxes for fermented fruit.


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