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Dear Reader,

Hi.  My New Mom, Kim, asked me to write a guest post to introduce myself.  I’m Daisy, the NDITH (New Dog in the House).

I’ve been at my new house for almost 3 weeks now, and things are toe-riffic.  At first I was really nervous because at my old house there were a lot of dogs, but at this new house there are a lot of kids.  The two little ones sorta freaked me out for a while, but now I’m getting used to them.  They can even be quiet and squishy right before they fall asleep:

Me with the Little Human

If you ever have the option, get the little ones at this stage, because otherwise they’re very pokey and jumpy.

My New Family brags to all their friends about how sweet and cute I am.  At first I didn’t understand it.  I mean, I’m pretty cute, but they’d go on and on and on about what a darling furball I am.  But then I met their other 2 dogs and then it all made sense:

The Other 2 Dogs

I’ve been raised to be a lady, so I will be as delicate as possible.  Let’s just say these dogs are not cute.  Big bellies and itty-bitty heads.  Something went terribly wrong in the breeding.  Get this: I sniffed their behinds and . . . wait for it . . . I swear I smelled omelets.  That’s right.  Omelets.   I thought I was mistaken, but I took a second sniff, and yep, it was omelets.  Dogs are not judgmental.  We don’t tend to care what other dogs do in their spare time.  But I gotta say:  fuh-reaky.

I’ve been trying to get the other 2 dogs to play with me and chase me, but they just ignore me.

Me and the 2 dogs

They ignore me.  Sheesh.

I’ve been really busy getting into my new routine.  I love taking my walks, going for car rides, and doing my dog training.  My Humans are training me to sit, lay down, heel, stuff like that.  I’m training them to give me lots of treats during the training.  It’s an awesome arrangement.  If you wait a long, long time to do the trick, they get really excited and give you extra treats.

New Mom is constantly cooking for me, trying to get me eat.  She’s worried I’ll starve to death.  It’s kind of sweet, the way she looks at me with her wrinkled brow, holding bits of food between her fingers under my nose, begging me to eat just a wee bit of something.  Some of the stuff she makes is STINKO, but I like some things. I sit next to her in the kitchen at dinner time, just waiting to see what she thinks of next.

She’s worried I’ll get mad cow disease if I eat ordinary ground beef so she grinds up juicy steaks in her food processor and makes meatballs for me. Yum!  But she tries to sneak disgusting, offensive things into the meatballs. The other night she put a carrot in the middle of a meatball.  She looked so dejected when she saw the lump of carrot in the bowl with the meatball devoured.  Doesn’t she know my sense of smell is 100 times stronger than a human’s?

The best thing about New Family is they are very huggy and snuggly.  Whenever I see New Mom hugging the Little Humans I try to squeeze in on the action.

Cozy, huh?

Well that’s about it for now.  It’s time for my nap and then I’ll see what New Mom wants to feed me.  I thought I smelled turkey.  Maybe spinach.  Hmm.  Yawn.

Yours truly,


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